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Some of the things people are saying from around the world about Shackled Sisters



"Written by an author who cares about the conditions of these women, offering a genuine picture free of prejudice and pre-conceived ideas and filled with love, caring and humanity. The stories and lives of the women portrayed in this book are beautiful as they are tragic, providing a megaphone to voices that all to often remain silent. Yet what they have to say is a testament to their strength, beauty and courage"


"A must read"


"Good God!- Please read this incredibly powerful and important piece"


"A raw hard hitting discussion with British asian women covering everying from incest & sexual abuse to grooming, forced marriages and the continual subjugation of women"


"This is just so heartbreaking"


"What a truly inspirational book,showing the strength and determination of these women. The book definitely 'opens the door' to a hidden culture- well done Aisha for allowing a small insight into such an unspoken world."


"So moving"


"Shocking, raw and insightful.  Beautifully written, she has the ability to make you cry on one page and then laugh out at the next"


"Didnt know what to expect when I bought this but I loved it. Had me laughing in parts and crying in others. Can't believe that these women live here in the UK and have these kind of lives, it's shameful. Love love loved this book, it's a hard read but definitely worth it."



"I cant describe how long I have waited for a book like this.  When I read it, I thought that at times, you were writing about my life"



"A thoroughly engaging book that made me want to keep reading as soon as I began. Aisha finds a subtle balance of poignancy, humour and, at times, tragedy as she explores the complex and difficult lives of women of South Asian heritage living in a Western world but bound by culture and tradition"


"Fantastic read. Heart-breaking whereas at the same time illuminating. An objective piece written by an author who cares about the conditions of these women, offering a genuine picture free of prejudice and pre-conceived ideas and filled with love, caring and humanity"


"I cried at the start of Nafisa's story, then became angry at the end,  laughed at Amina and Salma's story, became angry at Parveens story (and cried again), could not believe Shabeena's story although I think it raised the prejudices' I hold, cried and cried for Saira, anger and sadness again at Farzanas story but i found myself crying with joy at the end and the last one- letter to my sister- what can I say? utterly heartbreaking.  Just so sad. There must be SOMETHING we can do!!"


"Just buy it- You wont regret it!"



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Shackled Sisters

Shackled Sisters is no easy read.  There have already been complaints from some individuals from Pakistani and Indian communities.  Some of these people are saying the book is 'garbage' and another way of making 'white people feel their culture is superior'.  There are others who feel Shackled Sisters is a slander on Asian communtities and that I ought to be ashamed of myself.  


Some have said that the womens who's stories are contained in Shackled Sisters will burn in hell for the lives they led.  This book is NOT an attack on the diverse and beautiful cultures we have here in the UK. It is about some of the women, living right here in the UK today, bound to an existence, a life which they are too scared to break away from.  

It is about their stories, how they have lived, how they see their own culture and how they exist. These are brave women who are bound by some customs, some traditions, religion, love, fear and honour.  


Shackled Sisters gives you an insight into a secretive world, it gives you this insight from the very women who live within this existence. I want to highlight their plight, their troubles and do their stories justice.  I want other women to know that they are not alone.  If they have been forced into a marriage then they are not alone.  If they have loved and lost then they are not alone.  If they have chosen their parents over a life with someone they loved then they are not alone.  If they have been sexually abused then they are not alone.  If they have pretended to be a virgin on their wedding night they are not alone.


If what you have already read offends you then don't buy this book and send me negative comments- I don't collect those, I only collect positivity.  I will continue to write about these issues.  I will continue to write about these women and give them a voice. This is a fight that I will keep on with.  This is a fight we must keep on with.

Posted by Aisha A Elahi on Tuesday, 31 March 2015

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Posted by Aisha A Elahi on Saturday, 11 April 2015

Shackled Sisters is recommended reading by The Clarion Project


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"At times I found myself smiling as each woman's individual character is beautifully captured but ultimately the book opened my eyes to how frustrating and complex it can be for them. Her final chapter 'letter to my sister' left me stifling sobs."

"Shackled Sisters is an attack on bigots who believe that women in these communities are suppressed and weak, revealing instead how strong they are in actuality. At the same it is a scathing attack on the forces of patriarchy and pervasive conservatism."



"Shackled Sisters is a candid portrayal of how archaic elements of Asian culture still play an overbearing part in the lives of British Asian women today."


"Aisha Elahi vividly and empathetically illustrates how pungent cultural values still flourish at the expense of women."

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